Registration Form International Summer School Retreat 2020

Please complete a form for each participant and return it to summerschool.ism@gmail.com
Regular mail : Sufi Movement, attn. Jan van Workum, Registrar Summer School 2020,
Anna Paulownastraat 78, 2518 BJ, Den Haag, NL

* Payment to: Int. HQ Sufi Movement NL 56 INGB 0007 0227 82 Bic/Swift : INGBNL2A - re Summer School 2020
* You are kindly requested to register and pay before July 1st, 2020
* If the price is a problem for you, kindly contact Zebunnisa Voestermans by email : zebunnisa.v@gmail.com
* Unfortunately we are forced to charge a 10% service fee for cancellations less than 14 days prior to participation. Send your cancellation to the Registrar Summer School 2020 : summerschool.ism@gmail.com
* The Tourist Office, called ‘VVV’, can be found online at : www.vvvkatwijk.nl
* The Camping site, with a view of the Temple, can be reached at : www.zuidduinen.com
* Murad Hassil is located in the south dunes of Katwijk aan Zee in the Netherlands. Access by car: at the south end of the South Boulevard, look direction SSE and you will see the dome of the temple. By bus: from Leiden CS (38), or The Hague CS (90) ; leave the bus at ’Drieplassenweg’ stop in Katwijk aan Zee; from there, it is an eight minute walk to Murad Hassil.

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Workers Retreat
(by invitation)

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14 - 16 July (3 day booking required)

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Summer School Retreat (English, for mureeds)
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July 18

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July 19

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July 20

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July 21

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July 22

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